--- title: Earth Science Coding Network author: Andrew date: '2020-02-11' slug: escn categories: [] tags: - R header: caption: '' image: 'blueMarble.png' summary: A coding group focused on the earth sciences and community building between UNC, Duke & NC State ---
      We are excited to announce the Earth Science Coding Network, a new working group to bring together those at Duke, NC State, and UNC Chapel Hill who code as part of their work in Earth Sciences. Our goal is to promote inter-institutional community building and provide a communication space for those of us who are working through similar problems. We’ll hold a regular meeting dedicated to coding. This will feel like a writing workshop but for code!
     Reserved space will be provided at all three institutions simultaneously and we will connect through video conferencing (Zoom), allowing us to interact without actually having to leave campus. The idea is for participants to dedicate this time to accomplishing a coding task they have. We will start with quick introductions and goal setting and then move into individual work. We hope you will consider joining us and find it a productive space to work in while networking and building community. All academic and coding levels are encouraged to participate!

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If you have questions feel free to reach out to one of us!

Duke: Emily Ury

NC State: Sheila Saia

UNC: Andrew Murray