Course Overview

Welcome to Geography 370!

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A few quick points:

  • This course will be asynchronous, which means that you will be responsible for viewing the lectures and completing the work on your own schedule.

  • I will be available to talk with you one-on-one as needed throughout the course to help with issues along the way (and I am sure there will be many!) with weekly (virtual) office hours and by appointment.

  • We are using advanced software for this class and we will need to navigate how to manage this as some of you will not have access to the software, or possibly a stable internet connection. I will do my best to help you navigate these obstacles.

What to expect

This course will be a mix of reading, discussion and computer work. I’m going to introduce you to basic geographic concepts and we’re going to quickly move into working with geographic information systems to reinforce these concepts. This course really is somewhat of a guinea pig for the fall semester geography courses so I anticipate we will run into some issues with computers and software. Thus, it is extremely important that in these first few days of class, you work to identify potential problems. I will be providing an exercise to work through as a way to check for potential issues so that we can try to catch as many of them as early as possible.

We will be using Piazza to help facilitate class discussion and as a platform to ask questions that others may also have. Click here to go to our course page.


We will be reading Essentials of Geographic Information Systems, which is a free and open source textbook.


Date Topic Description Reading Assignment
June 22, 2020 Course Introduction Read Chapter 1 / Post your introduction
June 23, 2020 Spatial thinking and concepts Chapter 1
June 24, 2020 GIS & Intro to ArcGIS Finish Chapter 1 & Introduce GIS software Assign Lab 1
June 25, 2020 Maps and Projections Introduce Maps, coordinate systems and Projections Chapter 2
June 26, 2020 Map Abstractions Finish Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Lab 1 Due + Quiz 1
June 29, 2020 Data & Where to find them All about data Chapter 3 Assign Lab 2
June 30, 2020 Data Models for GIS Chapter 4
July 1, 2020 Data Models for GIS Chapter 4 Lab 2 due + Assign Lab 3
July 2, 2020 Geospatial Data Management What to do with data Chapter 5 Quiz 2 (will not include chapter 5)
July 6, 2020 Geospatial Data Management Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Lab 3 due
July 7, 2020 Finish Chapter 5 + Data Characteristics & Visualization Chapter 6 Assign Lab 4
July 8, 2020 Data Characteristics & Visualization Finish Chapter 6 Chapter 6
July 9, 2020 Vector Operations Chapter 7 Lab 4 due + Assign Lab 5
July 10, 2020 Vector Operations cont’d Finish Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Quiz 3
July 13, 2020 Raster Data Chapter 8
July 14, 2020 Raster Data cont’d Chapter 8 Lab 5 due + Assign Lab 6
July 15, 2020 Final Project Overview Introduce final project Assign Final Project
July 16, 2020 Cartographic Principles Chapter 9 Lab 6 due
July 17, 2020 Cartographic Principles cont’d Chapter 9 Quiz 4
July 20, 2020 GIS Project Management Chapter 10 Final Project Proposal Due
July 21, 2020 Individual Meetings I will meet individually to discuss your final project
July 22, 2020 Advanced Topics in ArcGIS
July 23, 2020 Advanced Topics in ArcGIS
July 24, 2020 Reading Day
July 27, 2020 Final Project Due Final Project Due